Dani Elwell

Web Design, Illustration and Development

Open site: www.danielwell.com

Challenge: To create a custom portfolio website for Dani Elwell, radio host, dj legend and voice actor, that expressed her unique personality and passions. The result is a gothic inspired interactive landscape seen through a tangle of foliage with a great tree at it’s centre and a sweeping cloudscape behind. Tree branches tremble at the touch of the users mouse or swipe. Birds swoop, bees buzz, a tree house swings and a flower blooms for the attentive viewer.

Site design, illustration and development
Alejandro Collados-Núñez


Dani Elwell logo and animated site preloader on www.danielwell.com


 home page on www.danielwell.com


↑ site detail view of custom mp3 player on www.danielwell.com