Sotto Sotto TIFF Campaign

Sotto Sotto TIFF appreciation campaign 2014

Challenge: To come…




Campaign Strategy
Graphic Design & Print Production
Silk Screen Printing Series
Ticket Printing



Alejandro Collados-Núñez with Sotto Sotto
Alejandro Collados-Núñez
centre[3], Matthew McInnes, thanks Thea!
Gullons Printing, thanks Reg!

Sotto Sotto Dinner Invitation Tickets for recipient and a guest, in personalized hand silk screened envelopes with ‘S’ wax seal – these invitations were given to TIFF programmers and publicists that work year round to make TIFF better each year.


SottoSotto_2014_TIFF_invites_IMG_1074 SottoSotto_2014_TIFF_invites_IMG_1102

SottoSotto_2014_TIFF_invites_IMG_1078SottoSotto_2014_TIFF_invites_IMG_1106 SottoSotto_2014_TIFF_invites_IMG_1069